Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in receiving information on urgent news and recent developments concerning Authors´ Rights. How can I make sure I get the information regularly?

– subscribe to the Authors´ Rights Campaign Newsletter
– search the Authors´ Rights Database
– look at the IFJ Homepage
– visit the selection of links related to Authors´ Rights listed on our homepage

I would like to add useful information to the Authors´ Rights Database. How can I get in touch with you?

Please contact the Authors´ Rights Campaign Co-ordinator, Ms Therese Hofbauer, either by e-mail [email protected]
or fax to + 32 2 219 29 76 if you have news or information on Authors’ Rights. We will include all useful material.
Remember, this database should serve journalists and freelancers, unions and lawyers all over the world – we depend on you to keep us informed, particularly about what is happening at national and regional level.
If you want, you can also contribute to our Discussion Forum by simply posting a question.

If I subscribe to the Authors´ Rights Newsletter, will my confidence be respected and how often will I receive news?

We are very concerned about your privacy. Your e-mail address will not be sold on for junk mail, and endless mailing lists. We know journalists are busy and overloaded with information, so we will try to keep messages short and to the point.
We will only send a Newsletter to you when there is news worth your attention and that could be of interest for you.
If we want to communicate urgent matters, we will just mail a link or drop a line to you as an alert.

Who are the experts on Authors’ Rights that can help me if I have a problem?

You should contact your own union (or look at our list of member organisations to see which unions are organising in your country).
But the IFJ Authors’ Rights Expert Group and the Secretariat will also try to help – if we can’t solve your problem, we can probably get you in touch with someone who can.

Is there a forum for Authors´ Rights on the homepage? How can I post my specific questions to a wider audience?

A Discussion Forum has recently been created. The Forum will save your time and give you solutions that go straight to the point – unlike a mailing list.
We believe it will be better and more efficient to write down your questions and receive subject-related answers – either from us or from another Forum participant.

Where can I find specific information on Authors´ Rights of freelance journalists?

If you have not found what you were looking for on the Authors´ Rights homepage, please visit the Freelance site , which will provide you with further information.